Doing Business in Denmark, Ziko Kouassi Zessia

When you register a company in Denmark, there are three main issues you should know about and tasks you need to solve before anything else.

  1. The registration process
  2. Company forms
  3. How to pay taxes

To get your CVR number you carry put the registration process at www.virk.dk. For the registration process, you need your Nem ID and you will register basic information about your company.

There are three company forms: Sole proprietorship and IVS and APS. Watch the video above to get a hold of the main characteristics and decide what company form will suit your company.

If you register a limited liability company you also need to fill out two additional forms:

  • The article of Association
  • The Document of incorporation

Read more about the registration process and the document you need to fill out here.

You can also book a one to one meeting to get individual advice. If you live in Copenhagen you can book a meeting here

If you live in any other district of Greater Copenhagen you can book your meeting here